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Citrine November Birthstone

Citrine Facts, Properties, and Lore

Hello November babies, sun-lovers, and happiness seekers!

Isn't it fitting that the stone that symbolizes the Sun also boasts the traditional colors of Fall? Citrine comes in a lovely range of warm oranges and yellows just like the turning leaves of majestic trees. 

 I am excited to dive deep into the meaning and lore of this warm and sunny "Happy" stone with you. So, pull up a chair, throw on a sweater*, brew a nice warm cup of tea, and join me on this warm Fall journey.  

* Since I am writing this from Florida, I will be skipping the sweater but soaking up the warming Citrine vibes anyway! :)

Citrine Properties & Lore

Citrine Facts

This yellow-orange gemstone is one of the birthstones for those born in November. It is often referred to as the Sunlight Stone or the Merchant’s stone. 

Citrine is in the Quartz family of stones.

The origin of the name Citrine comes from the French word citron meaning citrus or lemon. 

Citrine is found in Brazil and Bolivia and Russia, a few European European countries, and Africa. 

Many Citrines in the market today are actually heat treated Amethysts or even Smoky Quartz.

Citrine - Metaphysical Properties 

Citrine Lore & History

Citrine was a popular gem in Greece and Rome way back into 300 B.C.

The Romans associated it with Mercury and used it for carving intaglios and for making rings. 

In the Middle Ages, it was a good luck charm for those who wore it. Orange-hued Citrines were used to protect against the evil eye. It was also considered an excellent cure for the blues. Depressed people would place their rings on a plate of Citrine and leave them in front of a window. The belief was that this could cure their melancholy. 

The Scots traditionally used Citrine to adorn Kilt brooches and daggers, and the gemstone shows up often in Victorian Era jewelry.

Citrine Meanings 

Citrine Metaphysical Properties

Citrine has many wonderful properties and has been referred to as the "Gift of the Gods". It is believed this gemstone promotes good health, wealth, happiness, and success. The color yellow represents the Sun, and Citrine is believed to create life-giving energy, just like the Sun does for our planet.

Citrine is especially good for getting started on projects you have been putting off. It will give you the inner drive and determination you need to make your goals happen. When you wear Citrine you are more likely to succeed in business, and it helps you see opportunities where others see only problems.

Citrine stimulates all the centers in the body that govern sexuality. It can be used to promote good sexual health and energy. It increases desire and can raise your self-esteem and give you a boost whenever you feel down or unmotivated. When you wear Citrine it encourages positive attitudes and a "can do" spirit. It is a very optimistic and highly motivating stone that is excellent for encouraging productivity. It is also used to stimulate creativity and invention and is known as the stone of inspiration.

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It is believed that Citrine has a positive effect on all types of mental lethargy and confusion. It increases mental alertness and sharpens concentration and has a wonderful clarifying effect on the mind. Citrine dispels negativity and clears up fog brain fog. It brightens the intellect and stimulates thinking. It is said to enhance memory and bring order to chaotic situations. 

Citrine is considered one of the master stones for enhancing psychic abilities. It is very useful in connecting a person with their inner source of wisdom. It brings a deep sense of calm and self-confidence.

It is an excellent choice for those who wish to work with spiritual issues. 

 Citrine for Business

Citrine in Business

Known as the Merchant’s Stone it assists in obtaining wealth and abundance and helps maintain and grow it. It helps business owners take advantage of opportunities that come their way. It can be helpful to carry a Citrine in a wallet or purse and it is considered good luck to place a citrine in a cash register when conducting business. Citrine is beneficial for anyone trading money and has the added benefit of promoting generosity alongside abundance. Artists will benefit from this stone as it will stimulate their creativity while also helping to manifest prosperity.

Citrine is also useful in overcoming any blockages or limitations to earning money. It carries a sunny attitude and positive energy to improve your mood, bringing positivity and optimism to your life to tackle any financial situation.

Citrine is associated with communication skills and promotes clear thinking, self-expression, self-confidence, and optimism. Wearing a Citrine crystal on the body will enhance these attributes. All of these attributes are key in business as well as in daily life. 

Which Chakras are associated with Citrine? Citrine Chakras

Citrine Chakras

Citrine connects to the Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra.

The natural radiant gold and yellow energy of Citrine can help energize, open, and activate your navel as well as the Sacral area of your body directing personal power, intelligent decisiveness, and creativity to enhance your physical body.

Metaphysically, citrine is said to help stimulate the intellect and the third eye chakra (which is the location of the "intuitive" or "psychic" part of the brain).

Where is Citrine Found? 

Citrine is a natural gem that occurs in several locations on earth, the largest being Brazil. It is also mined in Madagascar, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, the United States, and Europe.  

Citrine is a close cousin of Amethysts and also Smoky Quartz. They are all in the Quartz family.  

Many Citrines you see in the market today are heat-treated Amethysts or Smoky Quartz. Citrines are a more rare form of quartz, so it is less expensive to "create" them out of the wider available varieties of Quartz. This heat treatment is acceptable within the gem trade and does not indicate lower quality at all. There is also a specific stone from Bolivia called Ametrine that naturally brings both these quartzes together.  

Citrine Colors & Varieties 

Madeira Citrine

Which Colors does Citrine come in?

There are many different varieties of Citrine. They come in a wide range of colors from orange to reddish-brown, and light to deep yellow. 

Golden/Yellow Citrine This is the most common, and easily available variety of citrine. It features a golden yellow to lemon yellow color. 

The Madeira Citrine is an orange-red to brownish-red variety of Citrine. Its name was derived from the Portuguese Madeira wine, known for its brownish-red hue. The Madeira Citrine is known to be the most expensive variety of this gemstone. 

Palmeira Citrines are characterized by their bright orange to amber color. They are named after the area of Palmyra in South Brazil where they are mined. Palmeira Citrines have a higher price range than golden or yellow citrines. 

Citrines can fade under direct sunlight, so make sure to store them away from bright light when not in use.

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