Bracelet - Amazonite

$ 12.00

What stone is more soothing or relaxing than this softly hued matte Amazonite? 

Think of the warm waters of the Caribean sea, a little beach sand and a rock here and there and you have the feeling that this lovely stone evokes. Stack them for maximum effect or mix it up with some other stone bracelets in our collection.These stretchy bracelets are made right here at Summer Indigo. If your wrist is smaller or larger than average let us know and we will add or subtract beads accordingly. Our standard bracelet is made with size 6 or 8mm beads. You may request larger sizes as well, 10 to 12mm. 

Amazonite is a balancing and calming stone that aids in clarity and in maintaining health. Related to the heart and throat chakras it promotes universal love and loving communication. Awakens compassion and dispels negative energies.

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