Bye Bye Luna Designs. Hello Summer Indigo!

Luna Designs Summer Indigo

Hi friends!

Bye bye LunaIt has been a month since I closed Luna Designs, after 12 years on South Beach we packed everything up and moved it to my place where it is now in the process of being photographed and uploaded to this lovely new site. Closing was naturally, a little bittersweet, I especially loved spending time inside the latest location where the store always felt cheery and bright, albeit a little small. A little treasure box, I used to call it. But, the lease was up, and business had been declining steadily in the neighborhood. Time for new adventures!   

Great memories remain from those years, the exciting years over on Española Way, where it all started in spring of 2002. Who can forget the colorful and exhilarating Belly-dance shows, right in front of the shop, the charming market days over the weekends and the partying at nearby Tapas y Tintos? Good times.

Lots of great people came and went through the years, customers, employees, dancers, characters. Many are still good friends and even partners in new business endeavors! I will keep you posted as things start taking shape about some of the new projects.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy stopping in here at Summer Indigo. Post a few lines, tell us about what you would like to see featured  in our products , what would make you enjoy shopping with us, and anything else that crosses your mind!

 I am excited about being able to really focus on the products I love the most, there will not be the crazy riot of choices you may have found at Luna perhaps, but you will still find the unique and the beautiful here plus you will get to see special collections from amazing and very creative designers, both local and from around the globe.

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