Summer Indigo, a global adventure

Summer Indigo, a Global Adventure

The Story Behind Summer Indigo

Summer Indigo is the evolution of a seed that was planted years ago across the Atlantic when owner Christine King lived in the south of Spain and started working with international metal smiths, artisans, and importers of unique jewelry and accessories. 

Christine was a globetrotter from an early age when she crisscrossed the European continent with her parents. Being born in the creative city of Barcelona, she was quickly whisked away for a visit with her maternal grandparents in Malmoe, Sweden, then back down to the Mediterranean to live in a small village off the Tuscan coast, finally settling at the "mature" age of 5 in Madrid, Spain for the next 6 years. After that, she bounced between Sweden and Spain for a decade and finally settled back in the South of Spain in sunny Andalusia near the city of Malaga. This is where Christine's creative first seed was soon planted. By 1985 however, the travel bug struck again and Christine came to North America and the fair city of San Francisco where she enrolled in a Fashion Merchandising school.

Malaga, Spain

For several decades that first seed that sprouted in Southern Spain blossomed into multiple creative endeavors, while Christine continued her travels -even owning and operating her own Travel Agency for 10 years- in San Francisco and eventually Miami Beach, where she still lives now. After closing her travel agency in 2002 Christine opened a boutique on South Beach, the quirky and eclectic Luna Designs which upon its closing in 2014 transitioned into Summer Indigo where you find yourself today. Here is a post from back then if you want to read more.

While Luna Designs was a boutique that featured a wide range of products including fashions, jewelry, home decor, furniture as well as niche items such as professional Bellydance gear, music, and instruments, Summer Indigo put its focus onto Christine's own designs alongside some unique and handpicked collections from some of her favorite designers and vendors. Christine has maintained a local presence via holding Summer Indigo pop-up events at local markets and having a stand under the umbrella (literally and figuratively) of a city-run local artisan program. 


The countries of Morocco, Mexico, India, Bali in Indonesia as well as Thailand, Tibet, and Nepal are some of the places that have inspired Christine creatively and you will often see this inspiration in her designs as well as in the creations by the unique and wonderful artisans and vendors she has met through the years. Many of the pieces in these collections are handmade by small families or collectives, and often have a discernible "style within a style," where each family puts their own stamp on traditional techniques of their region.

At Summer Indigo our ultimate goal has always been to bring you, the customer, a piece of magic whether it is a one of a kind piece created by Christine herself or a stunning statement piece crafted by one of our artisans. We strive to curate collections for you to enjoy, and that will allow you to add some very special magic to your accessory collection.

Come enjoy a Global adventure with us!

We are headquartered in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach and are available for appointments, just shoot us a message via our contact form to schedule yours.

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