Summer Indigo, a Global Adventure

Summer Indigo  is the evolution of a seed that was planted years ago across the Atlantic, when owner Christine King lived in the south of Spain and started working with international artisans, manufacturers, and importers of unique jewelry and accessories.

For several decades this seed has blossomed into multiple creative endeavors,with the ultimate goal always being to bring you, the customer, a piece of magic whether it is a one of a kind piece created by Christine herself or a stunning statement piece crafted by the many unique and wonderful artisans and vendors she has met through the years.

Many of the products you will find here are handmade by small families or collectives, and often have a discernible style within a style, where each individual family puts their own stamp on traditional techniques of their region.

We are also showcasing unique and creative smaller local designers and their lines, curating collections that we are sure you will enjoy, and that will allow you to add some very special magic to your wardrobes.

Summer Indigo headquarters are in the heart of Miami's South Beach.