Summer Indigo Jewelry Collections

Summer Indigo Jewelry Collections Part 1

Be it the earthy appeal of our jewelry or the tranquil vibes of our collections, at Summer Indigo, we believe in crafting pieces that resonate with the spirit of a modern goddess. Our jewelry lines, each distinct in their aura, are designed to mirror the diverse essence of every woman who wears them.

Classic & Timeless: Pearl Jewelry Collection

Our Pearl Jewelry Collection embodies a classic and timeless beauty that never goes out of style. Every piece in this collection showcases lustruous freshwater pearls in innovative designs for a fresh and contemporary look as well as some more classic designs such as long and elegant knotted ropes that are a perfect choice for those who appreciate a touch of tradition in their modern wardrobe.

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Pearl Wrap Bracelet on Leather

Zen Shakti Collection: Jewelry for Inner Peace

The Zen Shakti Collection is all about inner peace and spiritual harmony. Each piece is designed with the intention to inspire serenity and balance, bringing a sense of calm to the wearer. Ideal for those who are on a journey of self-discovery or simply wish to carry a piece of tranquility with them.

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Yoga and Meditation Inspired Jewelry

Beachy Vibes Collection: Sunny & Warm

Our Beachy Vibes Collection encapsulates the sunny and warm essence of summer. This collection is all about bringing the relaxed, carefree spirit of the beach to your everyday life. It's about feeling the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the sea, and the freedom of the open sky, even when you're miles away from the beach.

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Beachy Bracelets with Gemstones

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The above collections are just a taste of our offerings. We invite you to explore the diverse collections at Summer Indigo by checking out our website furhter. At Summer Indigo, each piece is crafted with care, keeping in mind the modern goddess who will wear it. Whether you're drawn to the classic elegance of knotted pearls or the juxtaposition of leather and pearls, prefer the spiritual tranquility of the Zen Shakti collection, or the sunny warmth of the Beachy Vibes collection, you're sure to find a piece that resonates with your spirit with us.

Some of our additonal collections are based on colorful and eclectic mixes of crystals and gemstones, exquisite designs in sterling silver and vibrant Boho designs. We'll dive into those a bit more next time. In the meantime stay happy and grounded!

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