Holiday Gift Guide - Small Biz & Handmade Directory

Holiday Guift Guide - Small Biz & Handmade Directory

Holiday Gift Guide - Small Biz & Handmade Directory

Have you shopped the Holiday Gift Guide and Directory yet?

I was lucky enough to be invited to join this fun directory, where small entrepreneurs and makers feature a varied list of goodies for you to enjoy your holiday shopping. Hundreds of small businesses in 15 different categories are availbale via the directory.

Your purchasing power matters NOW more than ever.

Did you know that between February and April 2020, 3.3 million Small Businesses in the US closed? That’s 22% of Small Businesses that were suddenly wiped out due to the shutdowns in response to the pandemic. This was the largest drop on record.

There really has never been a better time to shop from small businesses and artisans than right now in 2020. Thousands of people have reinvented themselves this year, lauching small creative online shops offering everythig from handmade pet products, soaps, candles, clothing, jewelry and much much more.

Why shop the directory?

We need small businesses and small businesses need us.

When you shop small:

You’re contributing to their family and household.

You’re helping them hire teams and support other businesses.

You’re helping them improve and build up local communities.

You’re keeping the economy going through your purchasing power.

You’re stimulating innovation and job creation. 

I hope you find the directory inspiring!



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