It's true! I finally did it....

It's true! I finally did it....

I finally did it!

I committed to moving everything online and getting serious about the virtual version of Summer Indigo, which many of you knew as Luna Designs. When operations had to stop abruptly in March for an indefinite time, it was the only viable decision and one that I was excited about.

After I closed the Luna Designs boutique in 2014 the business transitioned into Summer Indigo. For those of you who were loyal customers at Luna; it would be fantastic to reconnect with you again! To find out more about what I have been up to, continue reading below ...

Handmade jewelry at Summer Indigo

In 2015 I started selling locally at various markets and pop-ups and in 2016 I signed up with a local artisan/makers program, as I had begun to expand on my jewelry making.

That was quite exciting and rewarding since I got to do what I like best: Engaging with people, creating custom orders, meeting new customers, all while enjoying our wonderful Florida outdoors. Except for when a wild wind gust would snatch my 10-foot umbrella away or a sudden thunderstorm would leave me and my table soaking, that is. Haha.

Summer Indigo Earthy Jewelry For Modern Goddesses

My business would be nowhere if it weren't for all the wonderful customers I have met over the past 18 years. I miss those of you who I haven't seen since 2014 and hope to "see" you again soon - online - whether it be on my Website, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. Please join me on this new journey at Summer Indigo. I hope to keep you entertained with fun and useful content and entice you with new designs and creations. I will also feature curated collections where I will showcase work from other talented artisans I have gotten to know through the years.

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I have lots of fun stuff planned: Tutorials, giveaways and special personalized gift items as well as the occasional sales and promos and a customer rewards program.

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